Desita Creates New Gelato Concept for Saudi Arabian Patisserie Giant Saadeddin


After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make a foray into the delicious world of gelato with a new brand, named Creamy. And who do you think is helping the patisserie chain launch its very first gelato concept? – Why, DESITA of course!

We Have History Together

My personal association with the Saadeddin pastry brand goes way back in time. I met its owner, Mr. Ali, almost 12 years ago, when he was looking for someone to help him with the shop concept design of his pastry shop. Our partnership continued fruitfully and since then we’ve successfully executed three concepts design. The new gelato concept is at its finishing stage; once complete, it will be the fourth foodservice concept design that we would have executed for him.

Saadeddin’s decision to venture into the…

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Eataly, Dubai Mall

Foodie & Fabulous

I have always been extremely fascinated by all things Italian – the food, especially so!  A hearty pasta, cheesy pizza, or even an airy coffee-drenched tiramisu. Having watched a TV show on the Food Network that ran a feature on Eataly in New York, I was a fan of the concept even before trying it. Supermarket style restaurant, being seated surrounded by a gorgeous spread of Italian breads, olive oils, fresh pastas and more, as you eat and drink through freshly made to order food, what could possibly be better! So you can only imagine my enthusiasm when I heard Eataly opened its doors to us Dubai residents at Dubai Mall! After a bout of shopping, both M and I dragged our tired feet and rumbling tummies into Italy.

Food Stations Food Stations

I was instantly impressed by the well lit interiors, fresh colours, blue and white striped cooking stations and an…

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Italian Street Food – From Street Corner to Mainstream Culture


Remember the time when you just had to say, “Mom, I’m hungry!” and your mother would instantly fix a quick snack for you, mostly out of leftovers from the previous meal or with a couple of random food items available in her kitchen? All she had to do was wave her magic wand (umm, a knife, whisk or spatula to be more precise!) and out came a delicious treat!

Times have changed, but the little child in us still craves a tasty treat every now and then. Perhaps that is why on our way back from work we often stop at a food cart or while treating our kids with gelato, we order one for ourselves too (and then spend hours in the gym burning off the calories!). Hunger is one thing and a little indulgence quite another.  Street food successfully unites these two experiences and provides the ultimate…

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The Sweet-Savory Story of Italian “Pasticceria”


Be it a cream filled Cannoli or an almond flavored Bruttiboni, a slice of Christmas Panettone or a fluffy Sfogliatella – it is very difficult to resist temptation and say “No, thank you!” to an Italian pastry. These baked treats are as intrinsic to the Italian food culture as pizzas or pastas. From breakfast to dinner and to sweet midnight cravings, Italians have a pastry for every time of the day and occasion! Enjoying an Italian pastry is like falling neck-deep in love – the more you love these delicious treats, the more they will love you back! And Italian patisseries are to be blamed for setting this love affair in motion!


Every region in Italy has its own pastry specialty, with the spectrum of flavors as diverse as the country itself! Italian pastries are not overwhelmingly sweet. From slightly sweet to modestly tangy and from mildly salty and…

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gelato (test)

Gelato, derived from the Latin word ‘gelatus’, meaning ‘frozen’, might arguably be considered to be a synonym for Italian ice cream, but it is far from the equivalent of ice cream. With its soft, supply and deliciously milky texture and richness of creamy flavor that arouses the most dormant taste-buds, a gelato is a ‘tiny scoop of heaven’! What’s even better? With lesser contents of fat, sugar and calories and all natural ingredients as compared to traditional ice creams, it makes for a sheer guilt-free indulgence!