Italian Street Food – From Street Corner to Mainstream Culture


Remember the time when you just had to say, “Mom, I’m hungry!” and your mother would instantly fix a quick snack for you, mostly out of leftovers from the previous meal or with a couple of random food items available in her kitchen? All she had to do was wave her magic wand (umm, a knife, whisk or spatula to be more precise!) and out came a delicious treat!

Times have changed, but the little child in us still craves a tasty treat every now and then. Perhaps that is why on our way back from work we often stop at a food cart or while treating our kids with gelato, we order one for ourselves too (and then spend hours in the gym burning off the calories!). Hunger is one thing and a little indulgence quite another.  Street food successfully unites these two experiences and provides the ultimate…

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