The Sweet-Savory Story of Italian “Pasticceria”


Be it a cream filled Cannoli or an almond flavored Bruttiboni, a slice of Christmas Panettone or a fluffy Sfogliatella – it is very difficult to resist temptation and say “No, thank you!” to an Italian pastry. These baked treats are as intrinsic to the Italian food culture as pizzas or pastas. From breakfast to dinner and to sweet midnight cravings, Italians have a pastry for every time of the day and occasion! Enjoying an Italian pastry is like falling neck-deep in love – the more you love these delicious treats, the more they will love you back! And Italian patisseries are to be blamed for setting this love affair in motion!


Every region in Italy has its own pastry specialty, with the spectrum of flavors as diverse as the country itself! Italian pastries are not overwhelmingly sweet. From slightly sweet to modestly tangy and from mildly salty and…

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