Desita Creates New Gelato Concept for Saudi Arabian Patisserie Giant Saadeddin


After conquering millions of hearts with its delectable range of Arabic and Western pastry, the Saudi Arabian patisserie giant Saadeddin is all set to make a foray into the delicious world of gelato with a new brand, named Creamy. And who do you think is helping the patisserie chain launch its very first gelato concept? – Why, DESITA of course!

We Have History Together

My personal association with the Saadeddin pastry brand goes way back in time. I met its owner, Mr. Ali, almost 12 years ago, when he was looking for someone to help him with the shop concept design of his pastry shop. Our partnership continued fruitfully and since then we’ve successfully executed three concepts design. The new gelato concept is at its finishing stage; once complete, it will be the fourth foodservice concept design that we would have executed for him.

Saadeddin’s decision to venture into the…

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